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Display according to date range

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First time asking a question on the forum guys so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.

I am in the process of building a staff database adapted from the personnel records starter solution. I have adapted the time off table to display start and end date of each week and each day (Monday to Sunday) is shown as a drop down with values of available, unavailable, booked etc.

On the personnel list layout I have edited to show the fields from the portal in the same order.

The idea behind this is that our operations team can look at the personnel list and find staff who are available to cover shifts as they come in (we work in a fast paced industry so this is an everyday occurrence).

The problem I have is making the list view always show the current week. I can achieve this by deleting previous records from the portal but I would prefer to keep these records as it serves a secondary purpose to have historic information available.

Is there a script or calculation I could use to make the Personnel List always display data from the current week only?

Alternatively, could I achieve the same result by changing fields / values within the layout and referencing different fields in the personnel list?

Whichever solution is easier is good with me!!


Many thanks

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This topic is 2235 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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