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FileMaker Developers Conference 2014




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FileMaker DevCon 2014

is just around the corner and I’m busy planning my schedule and getting ready for my presentation. I look forward to attending DevCon each year and I’m always glad to connect in person with friends and colleagues from all over the world. I’m also excited about exploring San Antonio – I’ve heard it’s a fun town and the River Walk  is something everyone should make time for.

I thought I’d share my schedule and I hope you’ll join us at one of these events:

Tuesday, July 29th at 9 a.m. – “Onboarding New Developers.”

You’ve hired a smart, capable individual who fits your company culture but now you need to get them up to speed? How do you introduce them to maintaining your existing systems? How do you teach them FileMaker Pro from scratch when you barely have time to keep up with the work that you have? Or, for a semi-experienced developer, how do you create a training plan that helps them fill in gaps in their experience and move forward on a path towards continuous learning? Molly Connolly (Thorsen Consulting, Inc.) will provide a framework for developing a short and long-term training plan for your new hire. It will focus on both technical and logistical steps in ensuring your new hire is being productive and able to move forward with or without direct supervision. Sample training exercises and community resources will be provided.

Tuesday, July 29th from 12-2 p.m. – “Women of FileMaker Luncheon.”

Join us for the 9th annual Women of FileMaker luncheon at DevCon 2014. View attendees and add your name to the list here.

“Visionary Bar.”

Once again I have the pleasure of organizing the “Visionary Bar.” If you need answers or advice to help you build more powerful applications using the FileMaker Platform, head to the FileMaker Visionary Bar in the Exhibitor Showcase. Get hard-core tech support, trouble-shooting and business advice from the world’s top experts. The Visionary Bar is open from Tuesday – Thursday during DevCon 2014 and Molly Connolly will be working at the Visionary Bar on Tuesday from 10:30-12:00. Bring your questions or just stop in to say hello!

**Click this link to download the full Visionary Bar schedule at DevCon 2014. **

What sessions and speakers are you looking forward to hearing at this year’s conference?


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