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Portal Based Menu Systems

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No Access? Watch the preview video here. video-x-generic.pngPortalBasedMenuSystems_Pre.mp4
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By Matt Petrowsky

Navigation - it's a fundamental piece to the whole UX problem of a growing database solution. When you first start out, things are pretty easy. You may have a few buttons taking users to dedicated layouts.

However, as things continually grow, you end up adding more and more places to go and things which can be done. Managing this growth, and how you present the possible options, is something which requires a bit of forethought.

When you start to consider the number of layouts which may need to be modified, you quickly come against the ever constant limitation of time. Who wants to have to make modifications to many different layouts if they don't have to - especially to multiple layout objects on those multiple layouts. The fewer objects you need to copy and paste the better.

Even better than that is the ability to dynamically show whatever menu options you wish at whatever time and based on context as well. How about if we throw in some re-usability as well?

Well, how about a Portal Based Navigation menu, inclusive of icons? It may be exactly the solution we're looking for when considering the issue at hand. This video and sample file will provide you with the know-how to implement both a flexible and powerful navigation menu for maximum navigation effect.

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