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Understanding Perform Script on Server

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FileMaker Magazine


When FileMaker 13 was released, one of its sleeper features was Perform Script on Server. Yeah, developer’s recognized it, but didn’t really know how to value its power.

With the subsequent release of FileMaker 14, and FileMaker Go 14 in particular, the advantages of Perform Script on Server simply can’t be overlooked by anyone creating solutions within FileMaker Pro.

If your FileMaker solution has any number of users, beyond a very small number, then the performance gains can be quite significant for certain tasks.

While certain script steps like Export Field Contents cannot be used with Perform Script on Server, there is a wealth of functionality which can be harnessed through the use of server side plug-ins. Because of what you can do on the server side, there are few, if any limitations. Need to communicate with other web services via ODBC, SQL, REST, SOAP (pick your acronym)? Want to send bulk HTML email using an online service like Amazon’s SES mail sending? Need to automate a routine import which normally task just a bit too long?

Using PSoS is simply a matter of understanding what’s happening server side and knowing how to troubleshoot. Fortunately, this video will provide you with all the know-how!

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