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Optimized Display Images

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For newer FileMaker developers it's easy to exclaim "Oh, cool, FileMaker takes care of that for me. Look, it reduces the image to fit my container." Coupled with the false assumption that what you see is optimized to the ideal resolution will give you nothing but a SLOW FileMaker solution.

While it's nice to have something taken care of for you, it's not always the most ideal. FileMaker can only anticipate so many situations and conditions and, as a developer, your solution may require far more control. Fortunately, we have it.

When storing images remotely, by using the File > Manage > Containers option, you'll find the ability to specify Permanent storage of thumbnails generated by FileMaker. The default is Temporary. However, if you're looking for the ultimate in control then you must take charge and generate your own thumbnails.

Beyond creating your own thumbnails, you can make your mobile solutions work even faster by using the Separation model with a local file which caches the images into a table. This local cache can load images and heavy media MUCH, MUCH FASTER than waiting for transfer from FileMaker server!

This video focuses on the first part of a two part equation when it comes to showing images within your layouts. Towards the end of the video you'll find an explanation of how to approach a Separation based local caching model of showing solution images.

If your FileMaker solution deals with any type of images, then skipping this video will cost you, and your users, a lot of time loading images from a hosted solution!

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