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Live Stream: Integrating FileMaker and Quickbooks with FMBooks Connector



Marc Larochelle from Productive Computing presents about QuickBooks and FileMaker integration at our monthly meeting for May 2017. You’ll learn more about the world of QuickBooks Accounting, the various flavors available today and why customers are interested in connecting QuickBooks with FileMaker.  We’ll explore the tools and skills needed to accomplish this as well as common integration strategies in use today.  Then, we’ll take a deeper dive under the hood to see what a typical integration script looks like and how it all works from A to Z with FM Books Connector.  After watching this webinar, you’ll know a lot more about how to get started with these integrations on your own and the right questions to ask a customer interested in making a connection between FileMaker and QuickBooks.


You can purchase FM Books Connector from http://www.fmbooksconnector.com/.

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