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Creative Layout Design

FileMaker Magazine



While recently teaching the layout/design portion of an in-person FileMaker training course, I found myself showing off one of the features which FileMaker has had since version 12. It’s an often overlooked feature which can be used quite creatively when you know how it works. It’s the Layout Background style of the layout theme.

When you understand the order in which FileMaker displays things, you’re free to create nice modern looking layout designs. Further, when you combine this with knowledge about themeing and styles, you can create a look and feel which is quite flexible as well.

In this video, I walk though an example database where I grab an image from Flickr and integrate it into a new custom theme for a FileMaker file. If you’ve never used images as part of your theme design, then watching this video will give you a great level of insight into what’s possible with layout backgrounds.

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