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A Forward Look About FileMaker Platform Security

Steven H. Blackwell


A Forward Look About FileMaker Platform Security

Developers and users of the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform must be concerned about security of their deployed solutions. Likewise, they must have a forward-looking perspective about key issues in this arena.

Security has its major purpose the preservation of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Resilience (CIAR) of their systems.  Liabilities resulting from breaches can substantially affect continued business operations, continued business existence, imposition of civil or criminal sanctions, brand reputation, and customer or client confidence.

I see at least ten security concerns that the FileMaker Developer Community must consider going forward for the next few years and development cycles:

  • The Business of Security: What Is Security Supposed To Do?
  • Zero Trust implementation for the FileMaker Platform [https://fmforums.com/blogs/entry/2047-federated-identity-management-zero-trust-and-the-filemaker-platform/]
  • Federated Identity Management and the end of FileMaker Accounts in files
  • Native Multi-Factor Authentication (not SMS)
  • Further implementation of Secure by Default and Rule of Least Privileges for the FileMaker Platform
  • Expansion of Roles-Based Construct in the FileMaker Platform
  • SaaS Security Implementation for the FileMaker Platform
  • Building a Culture of Security in the FileMaker Developer Community
  • Building a Culture of Security among the FileMaker Customer Base
  • The Coming Regulatory and Political Onslaught Against the Tech Sector

So as we go through the just-started FileMaker, Inc. Fiscal Year running up to the next version release and the 2019 DevCon, we should keep these elements in mind.

Steven H. Blackwell, Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance

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