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Subtle UI Widgets

FileMaker Magazine


If it's not obvious by the types of videos I produce, one of my most favorite areas of software development and design is the user interface. It's where the real test of your software happens. A user either "gets it" or not. If they don't, then you're back to the drawing board.

Of course, there's always the learning curve which is present for anyone, but if you can create something that has less of a learning curve, then you feel like a winner.

In this video, I cover a wide variety of topics related to FileMaker development. The video introduces a subtle ui widget which I implemented based on the intended usage of the software. This is what reflects the real process of software development within FileMaker. Not just taking the super obvious approach, but the one which might make more sense to the user and is a bit more difficult for the developer to implement.

This requires you to know how to get things done in FileMaker and implement a feature which is user friendly and facilitates a fluid workflow process.

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