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Encrypting Private Data

FileMaker Magazine


Keeping things private, so only those who need access can access them, has been a desirable situation for as long as people have wanted to keep things private.

The only difference between the invention of invisible ink and today is trying to keep ahead of those who have the knowledge on how to access what you're trying to keep private. It's the eternal game of cat and mouse between those who seek to access what they shouldn't and those who want to keep those people out.

Within FileMaker, we now have the option of using the FileMaker 16 added Crypt* functions. This functionality, formerly only accessible through plug-ins, can now be used to securely encrypt your data within regular text fields. There's some terminology and understanding that needs to be paired with using the provided functions in order to make sure you're staying truly as secure as you possibly can when using them.

This video provides the information needed to understand what that terminology is and how to securely encrypt private data within you own FileMaker solutions.

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