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Successful UI Design

FileMaker Magazine


How easy is it for you to design the user interface of your FileMaker database? Are there any tips you have which makes the process easier? If so, then I would love to hear them!

In this video, I'm providing you with the best information I have about a successful UI design process. It's the opening video to a deep dive about how themes actually work within FileMaker. I start with a blank layout and go over the major areas of what I consider when starting the design of a new database or a re-skin on an existing one.

I cover aspects of layout choice, theme selection and primary navigation. These are three of the biggest decisions you make in the UI process. The rest of the design comes down to the details of the type of solution you are developing.

Sit back and relax and see if there are some valuable insights you can pick up from part 1 of this two part series about UI design within FileMaker.

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