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Storing Secured Information

FileMaker Magazine


Every once in a while you need to store something with an extra bit of security. Maybe it's a password or some super secret text with a winning stock market strategy. Whatever it is, you don't just want to rely on the authentication, privilege set and possible EAR (encryption at rest) on the file.

You want to store the data itself with even that much more security. By encrypting it with CryptEncryptBase64() of course! The trick is this. How do you capture that data, before it's written to the database file and then store it securely.

And, beyond that, how do you provide the user with an easy way to get the information back out? Well, in this video and technique file I present a single script which handles both directions of the encryption and decryption which is very easy to associate to any given field. The user has convenient feedback that the data is secured and can get what they need when they need it.

Need that extra bit of data protection while still providing the user with an easy-to-use interface? This video will provide you with the details and know-how.

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