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Custom Dynamic Value Lists

FileMaker Magazine


Within the realm of FileMaker development, there are a number of key techniques which allow you to do the types of things you'd normally expect in any development environment. Many of these have been around for many years. In this case, this one, a decade. The unfortunate thing is that some of these obscure methods and techniques just aren't that easy to replicate from memory. Some are hidden in the corners of FileMaker development because they feel like they're "hacks". But, at least they get the job done.

For FileMaker, the fact that you can derive a value list from a related set of values is extremely valuable. If you have a class of cars and you need a value list with a sublist of models, then getting a related value list is really easy and useful.

But, what if you need a bit more control? You want to specify the exact values used. They need to be custom and you want to include calculated values which are dynamic in nature. You also want them in some type of fixed order and separated with dividers. Doing this is "almost" impossible unless you know the special "hacks" which allow you to achieve the desired result. This video and technique file will show you how to take full control of value lists and use Custom Dynamic Value Lists in the exact way you think you should be able to!

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