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Excelisys seeks to hire a WordPress Developer

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<p style="color: #000000;">Excelisys Inc., is an international organization of talented, self–motivated individuals who specialize in business &amp; software consulting services, custom software design &amp; development, and software integration and repair. We have provided a variety of individuals, companies, organizations, and industries worldwide with innovative and diverse custom database software application development services. A cut to the chase: The solutions we create on behalf of our clients are really quite swell. We have won the hearts of many, and they have told their friends about our fine work. As a result, we are currently experiencing growth and demand for our services. That’s where you come in.</p>

<p style="color: #000000;"><b>We are seeking an entrepreneurial self–starter to join our expanding team of professionals as a WordPress Developer</b></p>

<p style="color: #000000;">If you like setting your own hours, working from a hammock on the beach, or from a cabin overlooking a snow-capped mountain, or whatever idealistic work-from-home scenario you currently envision, Excelisys might be the perfect fit for you.</p>

<p style="color: #000000;">In addition to retaining your independence and your right to work in shorts or pajamas, you will become part of something bigger than yourself: a collective of like-minded talented programmers, developers, project managers, and sales gurus. You’ll find that, despite our autonomy and our unique individual talents, abilities, and personality quirks, we share a common goal: to foster long–term technology partnerships with our clientele, and to provide a creative and positive environment for our team members that empowers each with the confidence to thrive and do his or her best.</p>

<p style="color: #000000;">We are looking for an extremely talented, experienced, charming, cunning, take-no-prisoners WordPress developer/designer who can hit the ground running; who can take a project from concept to deployment; who can please every client with solutions that blow minds, win hearts and exceed expectations.</p>

<p style="color: #000000;"><b>WordPress Developer</b></p>

<p>We are specifically looking for an individual with some years of experience and well–versed in the following technical areas: WordPress, HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, Photoshop/Illustrator or the like, strong understanding of application design, relational database theory, and hopefully you have gone there done that with mobile/responsive development and maybe even created a few of your own WP templates, that would be cool as well.</p>

<ul style="color: #000000;">

<li>Strong understanding of WordPress</li>

<li>Not afraid of responsive or mobile design</li>

<li>Not afraid of clients</li>

<li>Know which details matter and when to push back and say “no”</li>

<li>Can work alone and with others</li>

<li>Understand that sometimes a square peg will have to fit into a round hole so be prepared to either round the square or square the round hole when it comes to content arrangement</li>

<li>Understand that other people will be using your WordPress web solutions, so it must make sense to them not just you</li>

<li>Anxious to work on a variety of platforms and products that hopefully enhance the clients’ expectations and your WordPress skills</li>

<li>Can bedazzle with copious notes when needed</li>

<li>Don’t require a sitter</li>

<li>Responsible individual and you take pride in that</li>

<li>Know what a computer is and you are not afraid of them</li>

<li>Strong pride in craftsmanship, but not completely arrogant</li>

<li>Love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and building an interface that fits their mental model of the world, no matter how much pain it may cause you</li>


<li>Good sense of aesthetics, color is good, not everything should be as colorful as a parrot</li>

<li>You’ve been told you are one creative S.O.B.</li>

<li>Can handle projects of all sizes and posses strong creative problem–solving skills</li>


<p style="color: #000000;">This is an excellent opportunity for a seasoned and self-motivated individual. You can focus on what you are good at (we hope satisfying clients with amazing web applications) and not have to worry about sales, marketing, bill collection, invoicing, or a soul-sucking commute!</p>

<p><b style="color: #000000;">Compensation and perks</b></p>

<ul style="color: #000000;">

<li>Hourly compensation at a % of the billable hour ($25-$70/hr)</li>

<li>End-of-year bonus &amp; Quarterly SPIFF program</li>

<li>Lead generation commissions</li>

<li>Remote or telecommute working arrangement</li>

<li>Base % compensation rate is determined by skill set and proficiency</li>


<p><b style="color: #000000;">More About Excelisys:</b><br style="color: #000000;" /><a style="color: #1c5c76;" title="Link: http://www.excelisys.com/about-custom-database-development.php" href="http://www.excelisys.com/about-custom-database-development.php">http://www.excelisys.com/about-custom-database-development.php</a><b style="color: #000000;"></b></p>

<p><b style="color: #000000;"><br /></b><span style="color: #000000;">PLEASE – We are specifically looking for INDIVIDUALS who would like to be a part OUR TEAM. We are not interested in outsourcing to other companies or organizations.</span><b style="color: #000000;"><br /></b><br style="color: #000000;" /><b style="color: #000000;">To apply for this position:</b><br style="color: #000000;" /><span style="color: #000000;">Samples of your work will be required (we want to make sure that you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk) and will be reviewed as part of your interview process. If you are interested, please send us a cover letter we should like to read and a resume in </span><b style="color: #000000;">PDF</b><span style="color: #000000;"> format to: opportunities at excelisys dot com. We review all submissions for this opportunity as long as you pass the first test we kinda slid in here.</span></p>

<a href="http://www.excelisys.com/blog/2014/07/03/excelisys-seeks-hire-wordpress-developer/" class='bbc_url' rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>

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