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The Path to Certification (FM Training Series)


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The Path to Certification is based on the FileMaker Training Series. However, it is more than a class; it's a commitment.

You’ll get certified or we’ll die trying.

Perfect for anyone seeking certification as a FileMaker developer. More than a simple training course, this program clearly illuminates the path to FileMaker certification. The program focuses on providing a comprehensive review of FTS material and preparing attendees to pass the FileMaker 11 Certification examination. If you do not pass the FileMaker 11 Certification examination after taking this course, you can return to take the course again, free of charge. That’s right, we’re offering a ‘do over.’


Upon registering you will receive a copy of the 700+ page FTS manual plus a CD with demo files to work through. We encourage you to review the most basic of these materials prior to attending so we can hit the ground running when you arrive. We also suggest that you sign up for the FileMaker Certification examination prior to your arrival. Schedule it for no more than 2 weeks after completing the FileMaker Certification Course to take advantage of our unprecedented ‘do over’ option.

Additionally, A week prior to your onsite experience we’ll conduct a one-on-one virtual meeting to discuss your current skill set and use of FileMaker along with your goals for taking this course.

Please come prepared with a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 and FileMaker Server Advanced 11 loaded on your laptop.


This portion of the program is scheduled over a five day period. The first four of which center around in-depth study using the FTS manual and other materials. The fifth day is about ensuring your preparation for the FileMaker exam. We will quiz you, review areas of uncertainty or need and share test taking strategies that have proven successful.

You can expect personalized attention during the immersion experience. We believe that 2-3 students provides the best learning environment. It allows attendees to interact and learn from one anthers experiences while maintaining time for individual attention.


We will schedule a WebEx remote meeting to debrief within 2 weeks of the course. You can use this time to polish up on a specific topic, be quizzed by the trainer, or talk about your database. In addition, your FileMaker Authorized Trainer will be available for Q&A via e-mail.

If for any reason you don’t pass the Certification exam, let us know and we’ll immediately schedule you for the next appropriate training course. We want you to be our next success story.

Price: $2499 Visit our website to register: Skeleton Key


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