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MirrorSync 3 Reseting Only One Table

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Is there a way with MirrorSync 3.1214 to only reset ONE table of many without having to reset the entire configuration?  The sync is FileMaker Server (hub) to MySQL (spoke).  The table has over 100K+ records, is synced bidirectionally, record counts are filtered by SQL, and keys are managed by MirrorSync.  Reset of the entire configuration is not an option as it will require re-syncing related data that is over 50GB+.

The current issue is that the MySQL end has more records than they are flagged in FMP to be synced.  This occurred due to several MirrorSync crashes and orphaned records either didn't get deleted, updated or didn't get synced to the hub.  The catch is that the FMP database is synced to two different MySQL instances using two different MirrorSync configurations.

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Yes. You can right-click the configuration and select the 're-sync old records' option. Uncheck all the tables except the one you want, and leave the timestamp blank. This should cause MirrorSync to prompt you to delete all records on the next sync. Don't worry, this will only delete the records in that one table. It should re-sync that table as if you were doing an initial sync.

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