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David Wikström

Inline attachments not working in some cases

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I have a solution where e-mails are created using 360Works Email 2.17, including a signature with an inline attachment.

All e-mail accounts use gmail.

E-mails are sometimes saved as Drafts Mailbox in Gmail (via IMAP), sometimes sent directly (via SMTP).

For e-mails that are sent directly, everything works fine.

However, when e-mails are saved as drafts, everything still looks perfectly fine when you open the draft via the Gmail browser interface in Safari. However, once the e-mail sent has been received, the inline attachment location appears to be broken. The image file (png) used for the inline attachment now appears to be just a normal attachment. To complicate things further, this is the way the e-mail appears in OS X 10.10.5 Mail or in Gmail in the browser itself; in Mail on iOS 10.2, the inline attachment looks just the way it should (those are the mail clients I've tested so far).  

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