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Hi.. I just try to instal mirrorsync..
but always fail ...

seems I cannot connect to my apache server..

"Starting Installation...
Stopping old application version MirrorSync
Testing Installation...
Starting Apache web server

after this.. always come out.. " Installation failed : Unable to install : web server did not start after 30 seconds ; giving up..

seems Java block the port or something.. can some one give me solution


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Hi reynard,

Are you installing MirrorSync on a machine that has FileMaker Server installed? If not, the reason you are seeing this message is because the installer issues the fmsadmin command to restart the web server but if you do not have FileMaker Server installed then the command does nothing and the installer quits after 30 seconds of waiting. If this is the case then you should still be able to access MirrorSync by going to http://localhost:42424/MirrorSync . 

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