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please help me in making script for barcode scan and typing the SKU/prod_code in one field?

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hello everyone i'm newbie in filemaker, while I'm exploring the uses of FM12 i also started making FM12 solution (sales invoice). i bought a barcode scanner to test it in FM12 solution i made. the problem is i don't know what script will i use once i use the barcode  it will display the item name,price and description in the fields. or otherwise just type the SKU/ product code to display also the price,description and prod name, hope you can give me sample FM solution. below is the draft FM solution (sales invoice) i made. thank you in advance God bless everyone..


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The barcode scanner will put the barcode text/number in a field.  You can then give the user a button to search the database for that input field in the products table to see if there is a matching barcode text/number.

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