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Will Loving

Quickfind Case Sensitive?

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I'm setting up a scripted Quickfind for a project and in the course of testing it find that it is returning case-sensitive results, so for example if I enter "human" in the QF field, it is only returning results that match "human", ignoring "Human". I've used QuickFind before and have never seen this behavior. I know how to create a workaround for it: creating a calc field for fields I'm performing the Find on with the Lower( ) function and doing the same using Lower( Get(QuickFindText) ) for the script step, but I can't figure out why it's only doing case sensitive Quick Finds in the first place.

The specific variables are that: 1) I'm using FMPA 15 ; 2) It's a simply scripted QF, nothing out of the ordinary; 3) The fields being searched are all Indexed text fields; 4) the fields ARE locating in a separate file.  In checking around I did find that QuickFinds using External SQL data sources ARE case sensitive by default, but that doesn't address the issue where the records are in another local file but it's all FileMaker...

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1.  Is this behavior limited to Quick Find or does normal find in the same fields behave the same way?

2. What do you have selected as the default indexing language for the fields in question?

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