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Pierluigi Macchiarella

Can't sync numeric fields with decimal numbers

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I have a problem with synchronization of numeric fields, if the value is an integer number it syncs properly but if the number is a decimal it becomes a zero. I think the problem is that i use the comma as decimal separator ( i live in Italy ) but i can't find a way to solve the problem other than converting the fields to text fields. The system setup for numeric values is correct both on client and server.



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Please run a sync that demonstrates the problem, and then use the 'report a problem' link from the MirrorSync launch page in your browser.

When you submit the problem report, be sure to include:

  • The primary key of the record that has the problem
  • The layout / table name for the record with the problem
  • The value you expected versus the value that was actually written
  • Copy and paste the text from this FMForum post so that whoever works on the issue has some background on it

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