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john renfrew

Reading from DYMO scales

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Recently bought some DYMO M10 scales and wanted to grab the weight from them.

Turns out this is not as easy as you think talking to USB, but after a lot of crashing out and frustration I managed to get a proof of concept working, so here to share...

You will need hid4java and jna, best grabbing them from Maven


// ReadDYMO
// 17_02_28 JR
// v1.0
// read weight from Dymo M10 scales
//requires hid4java.jar and jna.jar

import org.hid4java.*
import org.hid4java.jna.*

import java.nio.ByteBuffer

// specifc to these scales
Short VENDOR_ID = 0x0922
Short PRODUCT_ID = 0x8003

Short raw_weight = 0

message = new byte[8]

hidServices = HidManager.getHidServices()
devices = hidServices.getAttachedHidDevices()

dymo = hidServices.getHidDevice(VENDOR_ID, PRODUCT_ID, null)

if (dymo){
	val = dymo.read(message, 1000)
} //end if


if (dymo){ 
	byte[] data = [ message[5], message[4] ]
	wrapped = ByteBuffer.wrap(data)
	raw_weight = wrapped.getShort()
	if ( message[2] == DATA_MODE_OUNCES ) { 
		scale = 10.power(message[3].toString().toShort())
		weight = (raw_weight * scale) + ' oz'
		oz = true
 	} else { 
		weight = raw_weight + ' g'
		oz = false	
	} //end if
	return weight
} else {
	return '0'
} //end if


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