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FmDynamix project - cfCall () and #load ()

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Hi All,

I am happy to present the FmDynamix project, including cfCall () and #load (), my new 2 custom functions ....
In an interest to further test FileMaker more and more ...

I tried to give you a presentation of this new method, as explicit as possible, I hope to have succeeded !

You have the description and the presentation here, and take before the file demo : 
I hope that this file will give you the urge to see this method, I do not think I have view of similar thing

I hope that this "modularity" will please you and will give some ideas, feel free to test and give me your comments !

Thanks for your interest


( and thank you to Google Translate too ;) )


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Good :)

A priori, some dare, some not.

So, I prefer to repeat myself : The demo file is to download here: fmx_FmDynamix_Presentation.fmp12
The access to the fmx_files is on the FmDynamix page, here and in the file presentation

I did not want to do automatic opening because it takes an account name to be able to handle the functions and not break those of others! (And if you break everything, so it's correct for me and I have a backup ;) )

You send a mail for your first connection via the appropriate button and you give me time to open the account in both files and prepare your small DataDemo file that I send you normally

Interest in you, I think there are.
For me, it is obvious. Apart from sharing calculations, I want to see the behavior of cfCall () & #load () with a max of type of function, you will well write me a day a function that break the thing !

The other interest, the translations, are also on the principle of sharing.
For all those already entered in English and French, anyone can add other languages.
The Germans can add the German language, The Italian can put his own too !

Do not hesitate to tell me if you have any trouble, connection or use !
Thanks !

Edited by Agnès

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I continue and I hope not to bother you ! ( I promise, after, I stop ! )

The number of variable parameters was one of the goals, I just rubbed it to see.
We can therefore write functions with a variable number of parameters:

A "simple" example : counting a number of occurrences of words in a text, the number of words is variable from one query to another.

// cfCall ( CalcCountWord ; #load ( TheText ) & #load ( Word ) { & #load ( Word_2 ) & … & #load ( Word_n ) } )

The settings in green are therefore optional, and their number variable, which does not allow us FileMaker in the native management of the custom functions.

The code is put directly into ExpressionCode of cfCall() and the #load() are added as much as you want. ( Max, 400 )

cfCall (
$sep = \"-\" ; $text = $fmxLoa_P[GetValue ( $fmxCal_P  ; 1 )]
]; Evaluate
( substitute ( \"//\" & $fmxCal_P & \"-\" ; [\"\¶-\" ; \"])\"] ; [\¶ ; \"]) & $sep &\¶PatternCount( $text ; $fmxLoa_P[\" ] ) ) )"
; #load( "Hello to you, I hope to let you discover the power of cfCall, thanks for your tests  ) &
#load( "j'" ) & #load( "you" ) & #load( "test" ) & #load( "thanks" )

We can write :

CfCall ( theCalc ; #load ( theText ) & #load ( Word_1 ) & #load ( Word_2 ) & #load ( Word_3 ) & #load ( Word_4 ) // we pass 4 words either, 5 parameters

CfCall ( theCalc ; #load ( theText ) & #load ( Word_1 ) & #load ( Word_2 ) ) // we pass 2 words either, 3 parameters

Bonne journée ;)


// more info, file fmx_FunctionCalls, template Custom functions, click the "More" button, go to the "Processing" tab, section "manage variable parameters"

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While it may take a while (and more than one time listening to Agnès explanations… ;o) to fully understand what she has done it is definitley worth trying it out!
It is not only a different way of thinking about storing and handling elements/code of a solution, it is also challenging to get behind all that in a positive way!

Go and check it out! :o)

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Yes, as our German friend's doppelganger just said : go have a look !

Even if it's only through the eyes of a kid at a magician's show ! ;)

It's worth it.

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Small reminder for those who want to relax with a bit of calculation and Filemaker;)

The files are always open and nobody managed to break the thing ;)

Have a good day !


Edited by Agnès

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