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Hi there! I have a huge problem that I hope that someone can help me with. 

I decided to make of my fields a checkbox with several options (different materials to be used in cleaning). Everytime I make a search where I only select ONE option in my check box (eg.soap) records where I did not mark soap on the fiel with the check box appear as well (because they contain the word soap somewhere else). I want only the records where I marked soap in that checkbox (even if it is not the only ingredient). It can not be a search using the omit option because sometimes I have more than one option marked in this check box.

Thank you!!

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I suggest you define a relationship and use the Go to Related Record[] script step in order to create the desired found set.


To do this by finding, you would have to define a calculation field =

¶ & YourCheckboxField & ¶

and then search this field for the literal text (in quotes) "¶Soap¶". This will be slower, since it will not use the field's index.


This is assuming you have another value that contains the word "Soap" as a separate word, e.g. "Soap Box" - not as part of another word, such as "Soapbox". The latter case is solved easily by searching for =Soap.


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