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Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank you in advance for help.  I'm having some "newbie" troubles, please don't beat me up too bad.  

I'm writing a script that I would like to accomplish several things, however, I am having trouble with the easy part.  I'm trying to have a custom dialog box to popup and have the user to enter name of a facility, which then attached that name to a global field.  (ie g_CompanyName)  I also have a layout (receivables) with a field that is a dropdown box that is referring back to a list of facilities and their contact/address/numbers data.  (ie facilitiesIDfk)  

At this point, I can go to that layout (receivables), I can click the dropdown box, choose the name of the facility, it populates the facility data (address/phone#/etc), Then the receivable data can be entered.

I am trying to get the script to pop up a custom dialog box that takes me to the (receivables) layout, ask "what is the facility?", enter part or all of the name (companyABC), it enter that data into the (facilitiesIDfk)(which is the dropdown to choose from), it finds and chooses "companyABC", then allows me to finish the input.

Question: Should I make a separate layout with the fields "global", then enter those into the script or is a simple custom dialog box sufficient?  

Again, thanks so much any help.  

Have a great day!

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Yes you can use a dialog box.  You can use a global field in the custom dialog so that your users can enter the search criteria.  Then in your script, you would search "companyABC" in the related field.  You can't search for it directly in the facilitiesIDfk field as that seems to only store the key.  So if you haven't already create a relationship from facilitiesIDfk  to a table occurrence of your facility table.  Then have your script search the facility name in that related table.

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