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John Chamberlain

Print Issue

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A few years ago I created an FMP 11 app for my Wife. She is the calendar person for her Children's Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop. The app selects a monthly layout, which she fill in, than sends it to a print shop who provides her with copies to be distributed to members pf the Auxiliary. Yesterday, for no apparent reason, the app began printing multiple pages for what should be a single page document. Since my Mac has FMP 14, I had to convert the file is that I could attempt to fix the problem. No such luck.

Please open at the attached file then click on the GO button. This will take you to the problem page  You should see a single page. Checking in layout mode, you can see that all elements are inside the page boundaries. Back in Browse, issue a print command and save in PDF mode, the view it in Preview. You will see that, if the file had been sent to the printer, it would have printed six pages (three with the full calendar, and three with only the header.

What could be causing this?

SBACH NEW CALENDAR fp11.fmp12.zip

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I saw 2 things for explain why you've got 6 pages.

First, when you click on GO, you'll see 3 records and when printing by default, you've got 3 options, using records, active record or free record it's check on first option.

Next, when displaying in Preview mode you'll see 6 pages because i think the layout is too height for one page, if you reduce the height only one page will be print.

So, you have 2 pages for each record and 3 records so 6 pages.

Sorry for my english


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