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Ben Ball


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Hi All,

I have a new install of filemaker 16 where I have "updated" all older databases to .fmp12. this is all fine and i can access all databases on the server.

I can remotely access, all files are shared and have sharing turned on.

However, when linking databases to each other remotely, it says "the file cannot be opened and is closed by the host" (but its open/normal on the server)

The only thing I can find is that the server.pem file on the server is only 3Kb and this has been an issue before.

Does anyone have a server.pem file (for filemaker server16) that i can try to see if this fixes my Issue?



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To shed some more light on the issue... If I open the problematic file first. Then open the main database thats trying to remotely access.. it allows me to link them.

But it wont connect if the database is closed? as in, no-one is connected, but normal on the server?

This is perhaps something to do with full access to this file?

How can I automate the link so the file does not have to be physically open in order to create ressurect relationships/links to remote files?

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