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Hi there, 


We have been working on Filemaker for many years now and will be transferring all the information to a new platform. We have information that is very important that appear in more than one tab but we are seeking to export the information from these tabs onto one excel document. This would be instead of exporting from one tab and then exporting the next tab and trying to take the information from one excel to the other, we would like to be able to export the information all into one document. This would save us a lot of trouble as we do have 2700 lines of data. There are two tabs, one that contains contact details etc for donors and the second tab contains all the information for each donation provided by the donors from the first tab. The information is indeed all linked in a certain way. 


Do you think there is a way to do this or do we evidently have to combine all the information from each tab ourselves? 


Thank you in advance for any helpful answer to this query!


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It largely depends on the structure of your database, FileMaker is a relational database and depending on how it was architected yo may have to "flatten" out the data set in order to make it moderately useful via excel exports. 

your database may contain a 'join' table that links donors and contacts or other data, it may only contain parent & foreign keys that make the business logic work.

you need to look at the base schema how many tables you solution contains and export each table in to an excel file then you can bring all tables in to excel as separate tabs.


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