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Filter Weekends from Date Calculation

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Hi 'Nambesal',

You can do this but it requires a calc that will count the number of weeks between "Today" and "DateRequestEntered". The calc will also need to adjust for 'extra' weekend days. You will need to make the calc with a mix of 'dayofweek' and 'dayofyear' functions.

For example:

if dayofyear(today) = 200

if dayofyear(requestday) = 180

then total days = 20

20 divided by 7 = 2 weeks (4 weekend days)

with 6 extra days

if dayofweek(today) = 2 (monday)

then day 2 minus 6 'extra' days equals -4 or wednesday of the previous week

-- another words a negative result here means you spanned another weekend (2 weekend days)


4 weekend days plus 2 weekend days equals 6 weekend days total


total days = 20 minus 6 weekend days equals 14 'work days'

Let me know if you have trouble creating the calculation. I can create it for you and send you a sample file. Let me know.

Oh, by the way... I would recommend staying AWAY from the "Today" function. I recommend utilizing the "Status(CurrentDate)" function instead. It will make your system run smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

Hope this helps!!!

Bob Kundinger


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