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Send email with record as PDF attached from Server

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At wits end- When I try to send an email with a record saved as a pdf attached, it won't send.  The email is sent fine via the SMTP server if I do not include the attachment.  With the attachment in the send email script step, the error is 1506, can't send the email.

The pdf is generated from a Save Records as PDF script step to $$ACORPReportTemporaryPath

The variable was generated from Get (TemporaryPath) & "ACORPReport.pdf"

If I email the value of the variable in the body of an email from the script, I get:

$$ACORPReportTemporaryPath =    /C:/Windows/Temp/S217/ACORPReport.pdf 

In the send email, for the file to attach, I have:  $$ACORPReportTemporaryPath

FMP 18 Server on a Windows machine with the script running as a scheduled script


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On the server I'd suggest trying Get ( DocumentsPath ) instead. Then you could check the server documents folder and verify the file is there. If it still doesn't send, it might be an issue with your mail server. How big is the PDF?

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Fitch- That was a good idea.  After switching it to Documents path, it still failed to send the pdf, but I could see the saved file.  Strangely, it did not seem to have an extension and had a google chrome icon.  Double clicking it opened it in Chrome and it rendered the pdf OK.  There is no Acrobat or Acrobat reader installed on that server- would that solve it?

Thanks, Bruce

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