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Populate SuperContainer from a download URL?

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Hello all - 

I have been struggling with this one file a directory limitation. It has served us well over the past 7 years, but at the client's expense. They need to upload one file at a time.

We are now fiddling with a Dropzone into a file.io temp container. 

The idea is to allow multi file upload through file.io, and then use the ephemeral file.io download link to populate the respective SuperContainer directories. 

From what I understand, there is no SCCompanion directive to push a downloaded file straight into the SuperContainer location? 

I am using the workaround to download the file.io link into a FM Container; and then, in a second step, use SCSetContainer to push that container file to SuperContainer. 


As you see, this is causing a lot of extra back and forth traffic and load on the FM server that ends up having to serve the container content. 

I wish there was a SC Companion Function like: 

SCSuckData ( Download Link; SCfilePath) 

that would download the file straight from an URL and save it into the SuperContainer location. 

But I guess that's just wishful thinking? 

Thank you! 

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