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Auto Enter Calculation with a IF statement

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I'm trying to do an auto enter calculation with an IF statement when importing data. I have one field that will either have an IP address or a computer name. If the field is a computer name, i want to strip out some of the text before the actual computer name. The format of the field with a name is (DOMAIN\computer-name), I'm attempting to strip the DOMAIN\ out and just return the computer name. If I do the calculation without the if statement then it works, for the computer name, but removes the IP address.

This is the formula that I have

If ( Position ( Self ; "\" ; 1 ; 1 );
   GetValue(Substitute(TextFormatRemove(Self); "\"; ¶); 2);

Basically if the string has a "\" then apply the GetValue… line, otherwise do the Trim Line. The error i'm getting is 


A number, text constant, field name or “(” is expected here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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3 hours ago, maxbehr said:

If I do the calculation without the if statement then it works

Does it really? The expression:

GetValue(Substitute(TextFormatRemove(Self); "\"; ¶); 2)

alone should generate an error, because it contains a text constant that does not end with a quotation mark. That's because the backslash character is an escape character; to include a literal backslash in a text constant, you must escape it itself:

GetValue(Substitute(TextFormatRemove(Self); "\\"; ¶); 2)

and likewise:

Position ( Self ; "\\" ; 1 ; 1 )


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