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Setting Acrobat to automatically print out external PDFs

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With some expert assistance from this forum I was able to get my FMP 17 program to print out external PDFs.
Unfortunately, it currently stops with the Acrobat print display open, and I have to manually press Print.
(the original discussion was here:

Is there any way to have FMP tell Adobe Acrobat DC to automatically print (no human interaction)?
And a related issue, but of less importance: Is there any way to have FMP set up the printer (page size, color, etc)?
This currently uses Acrobat DC, but there's no particular reason why it couldn't use Preview or Acrobat Reader, if that helps. 

As I mentioned in the prior post, I know very little about AppleScript, or how to get FMP to talk to the Mac. 
I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.

Thanks for your time.

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