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Automating the license registration ? (Windows)

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I dont personally use Filemaker but I work in the IT department and I am deploying the 360 works Scribe plugin for Filmaker Pro 18 Advanced users. ( 300 approx) for Windows and Mac

When a user opens Filemaker with the Scribe plugin already installed, they are required to register it before first use by copying the license key and company name into the plugin registration section within filemaker preferences

Once registered the user can continue to use the plugin on that computer as it retains the registration under that user account/profile. Where is this info stored under the user profile in Windows particularly? I am unable to find anywhere in the file system or registry where it retains this info

I know it must be in the user's profile somewhere as if I log onto the same computer with a different Windows account iI am required to re-register the Scribe plugin license


would great appreciate any assistance

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I replied to your support ticket but I want to put this information here in case someone else has a similar questions. 

I do not recommend that you try to modify a system level config file. It is a better approach to use the function ScribeRegister in a script that runs when the database is open as this will register the plugin without the user having to open the configuration and manually register. Doing this will register the plugin in all environments in both Mac and Windows.

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