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This post is to helps someone who asked a question on facebook. I'm posting it here so i can share the file.


Hello. Thanks for the add. I have a field in a database that is a month and year. The entities are listed as MMYYYY no separation or separator. I tried to change the format in the inspector but can’t seem to get it to work. Can someone guide me in the proper way to change this so the results are converted to month and year (Example, April, 2020) thank you in advance





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Rather than using GetAsDate - which converts a (locale-specific) text representation of a date into a date.

GetAsDate ( Left ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 2  ) & "/1/" & Right ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 4 ) )

it would be better to use the simpler Date constructor:

Date ( Left ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 2  ) ; 1 ; Right ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 4 ) )

...otherwise v2 seems to be doing the job fine




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