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Audio playing automatically without controls

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The Situation:

We have hit a road block in development and I am looking for ideas how we can accomplish a task.

Currently we have designed a testing platform in file maker pro for students to do entry exams.

One of the components of the exams is listening. The rules of the test are this.

1. A student can hear a mp3 file twice only and no more. 

2. Once the audio file is playing the student can start answering multiple choice questions about the audio file

3. There are no controls allowed on the audio file except either autoplay or play. (no pause, stop rewind)

4. Students dont have access to file maker its done on webpage only


The Issue:

We had the audio as a control box in the top corner, however we couldn't stop the audio controls being pressed. The student could listen to the file more than once.

We then proceeded to have the audio file auto play while answering questions at the same time without controls. However every time a question was answered it refreshed the page and the audio file would play from the beginning again. 

We moved the audio file to a new pop up window however until you right click on the window and click refresh the file will not play. 

We got around the issue of listening to the track twice by duplicating the audio track.


The ideal Solution:

I would like to have an mp3 file on a file maker web page. When the student first browses to the page it starts playing the audio clip. There are no controls available to the student to stop the audio. The student can start answering multiple choice questions as the audio is playing. Once the audio track has finished it goes to disabled, so it cant be played again.

Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve this desired outcome? We have been on this part for a few days

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