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Dear Users, can someone help me?

When I Prepare an invoice in FM Starting point, and for different line items i use a different tax rate, the VAT amount in the sales tax field on the right disappears.

But , magically spears again when i lower the amount of the lowest taxed item in the line item tab.

Where is the sales tax calculated? The field "sales tax" in a number, not a calculation.

Greatings from Belgium, Reindert

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The Sales Tax is calculated in the script "     (1239) Trigger | Update Cached Totals of Individual Invoice Financial Calcs". We do it with the script instead of a calculation so the system doesn't slow down when loading different invoice records.

I have a couple followup questions for you if you don't mind:

Which version of FileMaker are you using?

Which version of FMSP are you using?


Jonathan Hogle

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