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Companion Plugin won't load on FMS19?

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All of our plugins are 19 compatible. Can elaborate on the issue? Are you getting any errors? If the plugin will not enable it is typically due to issues with the JRE the plugin needs to operate. Please follow the instructions here to manually install it. If the plugin will still not enable please see the instruction here to find the initialization logs. You can email those to support@360works.com and reference this thread in your email. 

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Hi Ryan

Thanks for getting back to me.  I'm not getting any errors, the 'switch' in the admin console very briefly goes to the 'on' position then back to off again. In the Event.Log it gives an error 474 "Plug-in failed to load: SuperContainer_Companion_Plugin.fmplugin"

I removed the folder as detailed in the instructions and replaced with the one specified on the link (I think it was the same however), but that made no difference, apart from making 360Works_FTPeek also fail to load (it had been working ok up until then 😬).

I'll send the logs to the support email.


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