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v6, After 1st Sync, user returned to a new blank record

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We recently upgraded to version 6 and seem to have a new issue. I placed a button for the sync script trigger on a layout for our Project. After performing the 1st sync from an iPad to the hosted database, it returns the user to the Project layout, but on a new blank project record (instead of the original). Is there any way to prevent MirrorSync from creating a new blank record, or to delete that new record as part of the script so users return to the correct place?

This has really confused people because it appears to the user like they just deleted all their project information. I've been telling them to navigate back to the original project record to see their data. But if they are using 15 iPads in the field, we now have 15 blank project records and 1 real one after each performs their initial sync.

I took a look through the script steps, but given the complexity I'm hesitant to alter it myself without guidance. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sorry for the late reply. Could you please reproduce the behavior and submit a log file? You can do this from the MirrorSync launch page where you downloaded the Configuration Client([server address]/MirrorSync) by clicking the link Send Problem Report and Log Files, filling out the form, and submitting. Please include in the form body the behavior you're seeing, the layout of the table where the new record is being generated, and the primary key value of that new record.

Is the Project layout built on a table that's included in the sync? If not, the MirrorSync script should not be inserting any scripts into that table. Are you applying any customization or post-sync scripts? If the table is included in the sync, I'll need to check the log for activity associated with that particular record whose key you include in your log submission.

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