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Setting Up ODBC Connections Filemaker Server

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Hi, hopefully this is a simple question

I host my databases on Filemaker Server (18, actually, but hoping answers are the same)

I have Actual Technologies Access ODBC, which I can use to set up Access ODBC sources on my local machine. But I can't see any of those sources to connect to or create relationships because, I assume the external databases and ODBC settings are set upon my local Mac

How (or where) do I set this up on Filemaker Server and does the local Access database need  to be moved to the server too?

Just a clarification to the second paragraph (above). My external source (currently) is on my local Mac as are the DSN set ups. Do these need to moved to the server location - and whereabouts?

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is the server on windows or mac? if the serve his on windows you won't need the ODBC Driver. 

Also know there are two different prices for the Actual License when deployed on client machines or Server.


So you can't setup the ODBC DNS on the server unless you have the server edition.

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