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Full-time FileMaker Dev Needed - Connecticut

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Due to the recent departure of a key member of our FileMaker dev team, we are looking for a full-time dev; the job description follows. This is technically a 9 to 5 office job, but due to COVID-19 there's really no such thing any more, so working remotely is totally acceptable. The team office is in Connecticut, but I'll be honest and say that nobody really goes there any more. You would be working for a global multi-national telecoms corporation, with some responsibility for server and staff support globally; this translates into some flexible/unusual working hours. The job description concentrates on web-based UI/UX because our next major project is to take a very large FileMaker system and convert it entirely to WebDirect, with optimizations for laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. 

There is some possibility of this being part-time or contract work, although that's extremely unusual for this organization, and I'm not certain that management is actually serious about that.

If you're interested, please reach out directly to me with a resume, or with any questions.




POSITION TITLE: OSS Software Developer/Designer



Work with our OSS Network Infrastructure team developing software tools as required, including web sites, FileMaker solutions, and EDIs between systems, concentrating on web-based UI/UX. Provide all levels of support including first-level support, server administration, and emergency support. Write documentation and training materials related to development and admin tasks. Customers are all internal to the corporation, around the world.



  • FileMaker design/development
  • Website and FileMaker WebDirect interface design/development
  • First-level User Support
  • Server/Robot Administration
  • Write Documentation, both internal development docs, and end-user training docs



  • Seek out new development opportunities within the corporation
  • Keep up to date on the state of the art in FileMaker development and UI/UX



  • UI/UX design experience, including practical use of design tools, is required
  • Written composition skills, including illustrated documentation, are required
  • FileMaker development/deployment experience extremely helpful
  • Website design, software prototyping, software testing are all extremely helpful
  • Data API experience, especially data architecture, database schema, and xml, all helpful
  • Being able to act independently and responsibly within a small team is essential



  • Solid background in software solution development and design
  • Bachelor’s Degree helpful, but not required
  • FileMaker Certification (14 and above) helpful, but not required
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Hello Stanley,

I am responding to your search for a FileMaker developer in the hope that we can begin a conversation about possibly working a remote contract with your organization. I am currently in a 6month contract with another organization but I have hours in the day for more work. Would you consider contacting me to talk more?  You can reach me here at fmforums or at fmconsult@fmbiz.net.

Best Regards,

Charles Maitland

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Hi Charles

Please reach out to me directly via email: stanley.carswell at telekom.com - because this is a corporate gig, the first step would be to send a resume. As I wrote above, we are considering adding a contractor, and if I can show that there are qualified candidates who fit that profile, then it would strengthen the case to do it that way.



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