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Hard Coding Registration

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I have been trying to hard code the registration on our server hosting the plug-in using the calculation PCCC_Register and I am in the table that contains the fields with the reg. information. I keep getting an error saying that the target is not part of a related table. How is this possible and what is the possible solution? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Willm5455,


When you are defining the fields to be passed to the PCCC_Register function for your server-side registration script, make sure to take into consideration the context that the server will be in by the time it reaches the registration script. FileMaker solutions will always run through any script that is defined to be run "OnFirstWindowOpen", so if you have an Open script like that, you will need to make adjustments or considerations for what is happening.


We recommend you take a look at the server-side scripting for FM Credit Card demo file for an example on how it might look, and to better guide you in what fields and their table occurrences are used for the registration component.


Hope this helps!

- Chris Turner

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