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Virtual MBS Booth at Claris Engage

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Booth2019.jpgThis year we have no physical booth for Claris Engage, but we provide a lot of information via our website:

And for the conference week, you can use coupon code ClarisEngage for 20% off for new licenses in our web store. See pricing page and pick the new licenses. Make sure the coupon code is entered and the amount deducted. If you missed to enter it, we may not be able apply discount later and can only offer to extend the license with additional months.

Enjoy the conference! 

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Virtual MBS Booth at Claris Engage

booth2018.jpgThe conference is over, it's time to close the booth. Usually after the last break at 15:45 o'clock, the conference staff will tear down the vendor booths within minutes and we have to quickly rescue our stuff. But with the virtual conference, the autoenter.live website stays alive till today and will shut down later. Thanks to the friendly people from Geist-interactive for creating it!

If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are reachable via form, email, chat, iMessage and phone.

You got an idea for a new feature? A topic for a blog post? Something we should explain in a video?
Let us know! 

The coupon code ClarisEngage stays active for another week, so fell free to use it. If used properly, you receive 20% discount on the new license prices. Updates can be ordered regularly with 50% discount (compared to new licenses) to renew your licenses and extend maintenance for up to 5 years. 
If you accidentally bought a new license instead of an update, please let us know, so we change the order it to a 2 year update.

See you on the next conferences!

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This topic is 1035 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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