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multiple pictures in a database file

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Hi Group

Im not sure if im in the right place to post this but here it goes:

I have a database with a container field for a photo and it works great but i would like to take multiple photos and have them show as thumbnails in the database file in what i assume to be a portal? and then a main photo container field in the database window will show the currently selected thumbnail in the portal.
and i am assuming when taking photo's via an ipad i will  select the container field take the picture and it will add it to the portal too.

my thought is that i need another database linked to the main database to hold all the photos in and then the main container field will link to that and the portal will also be linked to it pulling in all related pictures. and i am assuming the thumbnails will be small container fields in the portal, is this correct?
or do i need to tackle this in a different way?


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