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Records being browsed not printing- even though selected.

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Hi all,

Filemaker Pro 11, Mac OS 10.12.  3 computers (not running 10.12) with no problems (knocking on wood).

Just set up a computer for a new user.  Wanting to avoid any major issues, I limited their access to only a couple fields for their data entry duties.

When trying to print multiple records, using the "Records being browsed" selection in the print window, only the current record prints.  If I select Current Record, it works as expected- only the current record prints.  Pages to print selection is "all".  Didn't see anything else that was obviously wrong.

Reloaded the print driver and still get the same thing.  Logged on using the admin user name and password and get the same thing.

Officially, FM 11 is not compatible with 10.12 but it otherwise seems to run ok.  Should I assume the printing issue is related to that (in)compatibility or has anyone here run into this before and found a solution I may not be thinking of.

Thanks in advance.


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