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FMS 19 DATA API request returns compressed body in response

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with getting a list of records to show in my web app. Every time I make a GET request from my Node server the FMS 19 Data API returns a response with the body compressed. I am sure that my request is good because it works in Postman, returning all the records of my layout as JSON.

I am confused because I read that the browser is supposed to automatically handle any compression but nothing I have tried seems to work. 
I have used the zlib library to try to "unzip" the data returned from FMS but have not had any luck. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem and/or can tell me what I might be doing wrong. Maybe there is some setting in FMP  or FMS to allow access to an uncompressed list of records?
When I try to return a single record it works fine and the response comes back as readable JSON.
Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions!
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