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Quality Inspection Checksheet Design

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Hey guys,


Im devoloping a FM solution for my work to turn our receiving inspections from paper records into digital format. I have made progress but I have come across an issue of how I can create inspection check boxes based on a given sample size for multiple line inspections. This could be a design issue as I have 2 possible ways to go about doing this.

Currently, I have a "Receiving Template" table, which will be the primary database of record where Quality Assurance personnel will be able to input their inspection results of a given lot received in. I have part number and part description fields tied to other FM solutions that provide all the part numbers that my company inspects. I created a separate "Inspection Items" table and each record is a part number and fields of all of the individual points of inspection. I tied a portal from "Inspection items " to "Receiving Template" using part number and I was successfully able to have it load each inspection item based on the part number.

What I want to do now is based on X sample size, have it generate X amount of fields that are "pass/fail" for each inspection item. I have 2 ways to go about it. I could do a nested portal where once a sample size is placed in "sample size" field, it will allow me to click a button on an individual inspection item and create X amount of "pass/fail" field. I have already created a "pass/fail" table that has 125 fields of "pass/fail". I don't know how to get each inspection item to load X amount of "pass/fail" fields.

My other option is to have my Inspection item portal generate X number of pass/fail fields based on sample size, and have all this under the "Receiving Inspection Checklist" Table.

I am wondering first of is this even the best design for my inspection checklist solution or if there are better/easier ways to go about it. And if I have come up with the best design, on how to go about tying the sample size to create that quantity of pass/fail fields.

Thank you for any input

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It sounds like what you should build is a 'Sample' table that is related to your inspection item. It would just have a single field where you mark it pass or fail (or possibly two fields). It's pretty simple to generate as many records as needed via script. Or, you could make the relationship 'allow create' and go to a layout based on the item with a portal to the sample -- then the user would just enter as many rows as needed.

Welcome to the forums.

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So I created a "PASS/Fail" table that has a pass/fail field. What I would like to have done is for each Inspection Item field be able to click it and pull up a "pass/fail" portal so each time i click on one of these inspection item fields, it pulls up its own pass/fail portal. I also created a "Inspection item" table but I am trying to figure out how to do the relationships to accomplish this.

Inspection Copy 1.fmp12

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Oh my. You have a mess here with 'Inspection item 1', 'Inspection item 2', etc. That's generally a terrible design. Each of those should be a single record with a field 'Inspection item'.

You could then use a portal or list to display all the inspection items for a give inspection.

You could make a button on each item that runs a script that brings up your pass/fail portal in a card window.

Or, the script could put the inspection item ID in a global field, and you could display a portal on the inspection layout based on a relationship from the global to the pass/fail table.

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Thank you for the input. The reason that it ended up with multiple fields of "Inspection Items' was because all that data came from an excel spread sheet and the only way to upload all of the part numbers we inspect and inspection items was to have it read each inspection item as its own field. 

My question is if do I create new layout/table for every part number and within each of those part numbers has a record for every inspection item? Because then I would be creating 90+ tables/layouts

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Thank you for the advice. I was able to get this to work now. It required me to change the format of my excel file that I was inputing the data from and create an "Inspection item" and assign an ID to each inspection item as well as tie it to each part number via a "part number ID". Once I changed how the data was input from my original excel file this worked like a charm.


Thank you again

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