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Dashboard platform

Greg Hains

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Good morning,

I have written a(/n? lol) FM solution for a client where I need to display a dashboard - a regularly updated screen of the status of all things within.  I am looking to find a good solution on the best way to display this file on a large television. I know that I could setup a dedicated PC (NUC, laptop, or otherwise) connect to the television via HDMI and have FMP autologin so that when the computer is powered up it goes straight to the dashboard, but thought there may be a smarter (cheaper and smaller) way to achieve the same thing.

Now I have done extensive work with using Raspberry Pis as digital signage devices and have written a specific platform for that, but I have no easy way to get the data from FMS to that device - sure I can go through exports and imports of SQL into Grafana (another topic, another day), but I would prefer to have used the FMP screens for this dashboard.

I have also thought about using WebDirect so that any OS platform can access the page through a browser, but would need to work it so the device does not have to login to the solution. I would prefer it to startup without logins if possible. It would only be used in house with this client and I can check IP's etc to keep it more secure.

In a perfect world, I would utilise a cheap hardware solution (like a Pi), run up FmGo for Linux - no such thing, I know - and job done.  

I am asking for any bright ideas that you may have to do such a task.  So far, I think my best option (ye old faithful) is to setup a small Windows PC (desktop or laptop) and run it this way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

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This topic is 999 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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