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Trouble getting JSON data

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I'm trying to update a field from a JSON object, but can't seem to get it to work in FMP16.


My JSON object looks like this:


  • "Global Quote": {
    • "01. symbol": "LUV",
    • "02. open": "36.1400",
    • "03. high": "39.3200",
    • "04. low": "36.0500",
    • "05. price": "38.7600",
    • "06. volume": "11846803",
    • "07. latest trading day": "2020-10-02",
    • "08. previous close": "37.9300",
    • "09. change": "0.8300",
    • "10. change percent": "2.1882%"


which I have in a variable ($json), but when trying to update my field, I just get a blank field.

JSONGetElement ( $json ; "Global Quote.price" )

is what I'm using to try to do the update. Anyone see where I'm going wrong?

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Thank you!!

after importing his custom functions, 

JSONGetElementDots ( $jsonFormatted ; "Global Quote.05\. price" )


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