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Hi everyone.  I am new to this forum, so I hope I am posting in the right spot.  I created a database for my company at work. On multiple screens I have a patient lookup.  The relationship is patient table: last name = insurance table: last name lookup.  The lookup is a drop down that shows patient last name and first name and then pulls other corresponding information when selected.  The lookup works, however it only pulls one record.  Example.  If I have multiple patients with the same last name like smith only one smith shows up in the box.  I need all the smiths to show up to pick the right patient.  It seems like it should be such a simple thing but it isn't pulling the records.  I did check the patient database and yes all the records are there.  I also checked that I have selected the all records option in the relationship box.  I am using filemaker 17.  Can anyone help me or have you seen this issue before.  Thank you very much.

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3 hours ago, Jennifer said:

I need all the smiths to show up to pick the right patient. 

A lookup copies data from the first related record only.To show all related records, you need to use a portal based on a relationship matching on last name. Have a button in the portal for selecting the right record. This button should call a script that grabs the selected record's data and populates local fields with them.

Alternatively, you could use the Go to Related Record[] script step to show the related records in a card window and allow the selection to proceed from there.

This is assuming that you really want to do a "lookup" - i.e. copy the selected record's data. Otherwise you should only grab the selected record's unique ID and use it as the match field for a second relationship to the same table. The difference is that in the former case the copied data will not change if the original record is modified.






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